Fewer Americans Back Obama’s Education Programs

Fewer Americans Back Obama’s Education Programs.

Interesting read.  However, I do believe it is NOT the federal government’s job to address issues that should be handled by the states.  Education is one of those issues.  While I do believe that we need a Department of Education in order to keep national issues in check, local and state educators need to look at the individual needs of schools and districts.  It is impossible for anyone to expect that the Federal Government can handle all of the diverse problems facing state educators today.

I believe that education begins as home.  Not just in the family room, but at the site and district level.  I would, however, love to hear from you!


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One response to “Fewer Americans Back Obama’s Education Programs

  1. Tina Jones

    Couldn’t agree more and very well stated. Educational needs and career opportunities are very different from state to state, city to city, town to town. Think New York City and Ames, Iowa. How do you best prepare students living different lives, different worlds? The fundamentals are the same, but depth and richness of the curriculum can be vastly different. Children need more individuality and uniqueness, less cookie cutting from DC and bureaucrats.

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