A Little Something for Dad

Hey all you smartydadz out there!



Let’s get a couple of things straight….

You matter.

You count.

You belong.

Your children need you…. a lot!



Be a strong, proud dad & don’t back down for a second.

Society is sending you guys some nutty messages-

the worst of which is that you don’t matter as much as mom.




A few smartywordz from a gal w/a rockin’ dad, a rockin’ husband,

two rockin’ brothers, a rockin’ brother in law AND a rockin’ father in law.

Tough & strong are good.

Teach your children to be both.



Be a man.

Do not be overly concerned if you’re not in touch with your feminine side.

That’s why girls have girlfriends.



Be physical w/your kids.

My personal belief is that many kids act out (especially boys)

because they are asked to sit too long,

are told they can’t make a gun out of their finger & don’t get recess anymore.

Physical expression helps relieve stress too.

Enjoy a tumble w/your kids!



Attend events.

Even when they enter middle school & high school.

They still look over their shoulders to see if you’re there.

They still care & so should you.



It’s okay that you do things differently than your wife.

She’s not perfect either.



Coach a team.

Drive carpool.

Sing at the top of your lungs to the Wiggles.

Discipline your kids when they screw up…and they will.

Admit when you screw up, because you will.

Listen without looking at your Blackberry.

Do what you say you’re going to do.

Lead by example.

Give a lot of hugs.

Say “I love You” until it rolls off your tongue with no effort.



Be there.

Sometimes just being there is enough.



Judge & counsel when appropriate.



Tell your daughters they are more than just pretty.

Tell them they can be anything.

Let your sons know that you’ll still love them even if they don’t make the team.

Tell them they can do anything.



Remember that your job doesn’t end when your youngest leaves for college.

In many ways, your role as a strong dad has just begun.



Raising kids isn’t rocket science- it’s much more difficult.

Children are an amazing gift & an awesome responsibility.

They can impress & infuriate you at the same time.

That is the wonder & splendor of being a dad.



Enjoy it.

Soak it up.

Time is marching by & I bet you don’t want to miss a minute!



Thank you for being the dad your kids deserve!

Any favorite memories?  Share them in the comments section.


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