As Promised via Twitter- quick tip of the day!

If you’re like me, reading to your kids is important.  If you’re also like me, free time these days comes at a premium.  So, I figured out a great way to knock out a couple of books…reading to my kiddos while they are in the bathtub! I wouldn’t suggest this for small kids, but at 3 and almost 6,  my kids are in a great place for this activity.  They also loved it!  I picked out a few of their favorites (Anything Fancy Nancy for McKenna Kate and anything about trucks for Mac) and read to them while they washed themselves in the tub.  In retrospect, without even knowing it, I achieved a few cool goals:  I exposed my kids to reading, I asked great questions to test for comprehension, I gave them a fun task they could learn to do on their own (washing themselves) and I helped them build their independence a bit.  It was also loads of fun and we laughed a lot!  Lastly, my kids have a tendency to splash around quite a bit.  Since we don’t have a pool, they usually treat tub time as if they were swimming in an Olympic sized pool.  They were much calmer while I read than they usually are together- bonus.  Could this work for you or NO way???  I’d love to know.  Happy scrubbing!



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2 responses to “As Promised via Twitter- quick tip of the day!

  1. Jen

    I read when we are waiting for poo. 🙂

  2. Emily

    What a great idea! I don’t know how well this will work yet for my two, but we’ll soon see!

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