Quick Parent Tip for the Day- Just let the kid wear goggles!

If you are like many parents, including myself, you have at least one child that shrieks in horror whenever you try to wash his hair and/or pour water over his head because he might just get some in his eyes.  There are stores that sell fancy…okay, maybe they’re not fancy, but they are nicer than the old sand bucket I use…pitchers designed to keep the water from dripping into your child’s eyes.  Well, I’m lazy, cheap and have never gotten around to buying one.  However, I have a TON of swim goggles.

So, that’s my answer.  Let the kid wear goggles while you pour water over his head.  You still get out all the soap and he will probably think you are the coolest mom ever.  Cheap, easy, fun.  What kid will shriek about that?  Unless it’s laughter, of course.

Happy scrubbing!



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3 responses to “Quick Parent Tip for the Day- Just let the kid wear goggles!

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  2. I think you may be referring the comments I made on FB and Twitter about the cheating scandal at UCF. I hope this event does spark debate. Thanks for the comment.

  3. jenn

    Mine likes to lay her head back in my hand while I carefully pour water over her hair… she thinks it is spa time or something. I like the goggles idea. I wonder if she would go for it. A nose clip too perhaps.

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