Tip of the Day for Parents- Just Stick It…

to the back of your seat, that is!

We all know that kids are expected to memorize a ton of information from counting by 5s and their times tables to learning the definition of an igneous rock.  My daughter, McKenna Kate, who is in Kindergarten, is at that stage where the kids are learning everything from their phone number to the animals that live on a farm.  Whenever MK is expected to learn something new, I write it out on a large piece of white paper and tape it to the back of my seat.  This way she can memorize and then practice new information while we travel to/from school, violin and piano lessons, or if we’re just on the way to the park.  It’s easy, it’s cheap, and learning new information helps kids feel successful.

Happy memorizing!



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2 responses to “Tip of the Day for Parents- Just Stick It…

  1. Most what i read online is trash and copy paste but you definitely add value. Keep it like this.

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